First names: Origin, History, Ethymology and Meaning

An eminently delicate choice for generations of parents, a first name is not only a more or less harmonious assembly of syllables and sounds. Whether it evokes a cultural reference, foreign roots, belonging to a social environment or even nostalgia for a bygone era, a first name draws its origins from its etymology and its history. Discover here the meaning of many female names.

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Emma. This first name successful and modern could sometimes make us forget that it already existed in the Middle Ages, worn by many queens. Contrary to what one might think, he is not the diminutive of Emanuelle but a first name in its own right. Immortalized by Mme Bovary, it is worn by several famous actresses. Celebration on April 19.

A timeless classic, the first name Louise had its heyday in the 19th century. Eclipsed since, Louise has made a comeback since the end of the 80s, to the point of having become, if we include her diminutive Lou, one of the first choices of parents for little girls in her later years. Party on March 15th.

The first name Manon is a French variant of Mary, and is celebrated on August 15, like the mother of Jesus. If in the past this name was associated with happy girls and popularized by the famous novel Manon Lescaut, today it is very popular, mainly in modest circles.

Green in color, this gemstone is widely used in China. The first name Jade was launched in Great Britain before being successful in France since 1990. Feast on June 29, with Saint Peter.

This first name was made famous in literature in two works: Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, and Justine or the misfortunes of virtue, of Marquis de Sade. These two heroines are very different: the first represents the unhappy passion, the second, the perversity in the face of Juistine the ingenuous. Juliet is a variant of Julie, of Latin origin, which means "of the Iulius family". Celebration on July 30.

The Camilli were children, boys and girls, who assisted priests during sacrifices to pagan gods in ancient Rome. This first name, mixed, comes from this appellation. Camille is now much more common for girls. He was a star name of the 1990s. Celebrates July 14.

Like its male counterpart, Clemency is, by its Latin etymology, “indulgent”. Worn from the Middle Ages, this first name became very rare in the 19th century. It has been in favor again since the 90s in circles sensitive to the great classics from antiquity. Celebration on March 21.

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